A campaign to raise Egyptians “above the line”

“Foq El Khat” is a campaign that aims to empower 10 million Egyptians to rise above the poverty line by the year 2020. “Foq El Khat” embodies Alashanek Ya Balady’s (AYB-SD) lifelong commitment to eradicate poverty and ensure a sustainable and dignified living for Egyptians living in impoverished areas.

They have unwavering optimism, a firm belief and solid determination that they can achieve this goal. 

Through “Foq El Khat”, their strategy is providing loans for establishing individual, group and medium sized enterprises in various fields such as (but not limited to) manufacturing and agriculture and providing educational and agricultural individual funds for employment. This model will sustain a dignified life for those who live under the poverty line; it secures sustainable income for their families and enables them to graduate from the circle of poverty.

By buying one of their products, people would be contributing to helping 10,000,000 Egyptians rise above the poverty line by year 2020.

“Foq El Khat” products include notebooks, weekly agendas, coasters and bookmarks. Products as such are sold in different stationeries and bookstores.