Abdel Nour: Egypt May Ink Long-Term Contracts to Import Russian Wheat

The Egyptian Industry, Foreign Trade and Investment Ministry is intending to review the possibility of signing long-term contracts for importing the Russian wheat to Egypt through the acts of Egyptian-Russian commercial committee which will be kicking off  today in Russian capital Moscow, Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour revealed.

The Egyptian-Russian Joint Committee will review a large numbers of economic files and economic prospects for trade and investment cooperation between the two countries, noting that the  meetings will be an actual point to activate new phase for the investment, economic and commercial cooperation between both sides, Adel Nour noted.

The Joint Committee will discuss several commercial issues and it will negotiate in order to find new mechanisms for the cooperation between the two countries in the field of agricultural Reservation.

He also said throughout the meetings a large numbers of cooperation agreements and Memorandum of understandings will be discussed.

Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Nikolai Fyodorov , representatives from Industry, Trade, Investment, Petroleum, Housing, Urban Communities, Civil Aviation and Mineral Resources as well as Scientific Research, Supply, Interior Trade, water resources , irrigation , electricity, finance, tourism, environment , telecommunications, and health Ministries will take part in the committee.