Abou Al Fotouh: Banks’ Interests Are Prohibited

Presidential candidate, Abou Al Fotouh, said he will set salaries’ limit at EGP 30 thousands, as well setting minimum limit as a substitute for unemployment.

Abou Al Fotouh said that his election program sees the banks’ interests are prohibited by Islam affirming that in case of winning, he will gradually replace the banking interest with a suitable system in order not to affect the state’s financial system. He said that he will depend on economic as well legitimate experts.

In a conference held today in “Religions Fundamentals College”, Al Azhar University, Aboul Fotouh mentioned that he will adopt the Zakat foundation project (Islamic alms) for using its funds in economic development. Meanwhile, he said that he will adopt the decentralization in controlling the governorates; especially methods of implementation.

Abou Al Fotouh mentioned that he will amend trust law which changed in 1953; in an attempt to return the leading role of Al Azhar. He also will work on returning the Al-Awqaf ministry (endowments) to Al Azhar.

He said that the Islamic presidential candidates don’t want to negotiate for selecting a consensual candidate among them; referring that some of them refuse to discuss the matter.

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