Advertisers avert from Twitter amidst technical issues

Twitter’s recent glitches and technical issues have been off putting to users and advertisers alike, as the social media platform’s lay off policy have led the app to be in a falling apart-state.

Twitter users have been turning to other social media alternatives, as they face constant glitches like video streaming issues, unblocking or unfollowing people randomly, the two-factor authentication tool failing, and the app’s third outage in 2023.

The app’s recent update left users complaining, as the For You timeline is now showing tweets from accounts they do not follow, either recommended or liked by people they follow, without any indication why they are showing on their timelines.

The continuous Twitter issues were mostly caused by CEO Elon Musk’s cutting jobs since his acquisition of the company in October, from 7,500 employees to 2,000 current employees, in an attempt to cut costs.

“The code base is like a Rube Goldberg machine, and when you zoom in on one part, there’s another Rube Goldberg machine, so it’s quite difficult to keep this thing running,” Musk commented on his platform’s constant outages at an event.

“… also difficult to advance the product because it is really overly complex, to say the least,” Musk added

Twitter’s biggest advertisers have eschewed Twitter, refusing to spend more of their money on the app, as 625 of the big 1000 advertisers have pulled out of advertising on Twitter, among them are Coca-Cola, Jeep and Unilever.

As a result of advertisers’ pullback, the company’s revenues have declined by over 60 percent, to be $48 million.

Despite the app’s crisis, Musk is still optimistic about his platform’s future, stressing on the current turbulences being temporary, and the company will be able to increase its revenues and profit eventually.





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