Ahli United Bank cooperates with leasing companies: El-Messeery

Ahli United Bank – Egypt, part of Bahraini Ahli United Bank Group, is cooperating with various leasing companies, Nevine El-Messeery CEO said, noting the integration between the banks role and these companies.

She made those comments during her speech at the third annual leasing conference entitled “Leasing for Nation’s Development”.

El-Messeery further noted that the banks are working on delivering financial products to various clients through the leasing companies.

The one-day conference takes place in Cairo, under the auspices of Egyptian market regulator head, Mohamed Omran along with executives of number of major banking and non-banking financial institutions.

The conference aims to maximise the role of financing alternatives, notably leasing, in pushing ahead with national, private-public-partnership, and SME projects in the country.