AlexBank launches safe box for clients

CAIRO: AlexBank launched Alex Safe, a safe deposit box service supported by an integrated computer system, to provide the highest security standards for clients.

Alex Safe is an increasingly demanded product in the banking sector and the Egyptian market, especially in light of the current security conditions, the bank said in a statement.

The service is being launched in 23 branches in the first phase and will serve more than 10,000 clients, offering privacy for clients where they can keep valuable possessions.

“Alex Safe represents a core service of the bank, especially during the coming period, due to the significant demand on storing valuable possessions like jewelry, gold, documents, etc. As a result of the increasing need for this service, our team conducted a dedicated study on clients’ needs and wants, and an integrated safe deposit box service was developed to satisfy their demands,” noted Bassel Rahmy, head of the Retail Banking Group at AlexBank.

Rahmy expects that the demand on safe boxes will increase in the next period, the statement said, “due to the current security conditions and unstable political events in Egypt, and as client’s security needs continue to evolve.”

Source: The Daily News Egypt