Allianz Egypt Promotes Car Safety in Egypt

Allianz Egypt, a leading financial service provider, is paying greater attention to the phenomenal rate of car theft in Egypt, particularly after the outbreak of the Egyptian revolution,where crime rates increased significantly. Thousands of vehicles have been vandalized, stolen, traded for ransom or even disassembled.

“Car theft in Egypt has become a problem for car owners and insurance companies alike” said Mohamed Mahran, Managing Director of Allianz Insurance Company Egypt. “Realizing this fact, we have redesigned our Motor Plus program, to provide improved services and value-added benefits to car owners, with timely claim disbursement and above all peace of mind”.

As part of the Motor Plus policy package, Allianz is offering policy holders a free car wheel lock to hedge their customers against car theft, whilst parked overnight or in less-secured areas. This comes as part its upcoming strategy of improving and developing ways to best serve their customers.