AMECSE 2016 kicks off in Egypt on May 28

Egypt’s Software Engineering Competence Centre (SECC) is organising this month the second edition of Africa and Middle East Conference on Software Engineering, AMECSE 2016 in Cairo.

SECC is part of the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), the IT arm of the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

 In cooperation with Association for Computing Machinery ACM, the two-day event will take place on May 28th.

Africa and Middle East Conference in Software Engineering (AMECSE) is the first conference specialised in studying the deployment of software engineering to solve joint challenges. Egypt took the lead to host the AMECSE 2014 that was held on October 2014.

Africa and Middle East Conference on Software Engineering, AMECSE, started 2014 and is planned to initiate the first forum in the region for practitioners and researchers to present and share the most recent innovations, trends, experiences and concerns in the field of software engineering and its role in growing and sustaining economy in the region.

AMECSE aims at discussing the latest innovations in software engineering practices and technologies and how they can create sustainable results and significant momentum for research in Africa and the Middle East.

By gathering professionals from industry, government and academia from different countries all over the world, AMECSE is expected to shed light on the latest trends for innovative software development and explore the required ecosystem to stimulate entrepreneurship.

AMECSE welcomes stakeholders from institutions, national and international organizations, SME’s, academia and research institutes this includes: policy makers; official and senior representatives from national and international agencies; ICT project managers; NGOs managers and representatives; IT professionals and practitioners; lecturers and researchers.