America Received $107mln Egyptian Exports Of Garments In 2013

The USA’s bill of importing Egyptian garments recorded $ 107 million during January and February 2013, according to the official data that “Amwal Al Ghad” got from the Foreign Trade Sector.

The data has revealed that the total Egyptian exports of ready-made garments reached $ 217 million at that period, declined by 10% from a year before, during which the exports recorded $ 242 million.

On his part, Mohamed Kassem, Chairman of the Egyptian Ready-Made Garments Export Council, told “Amwal Al Ghad” that the US market is the largest one that imports the Egyptian ready-made garments, followed by the European Union (EU). Kassem elaborated that supporting the Egyptian exports of garments by the USA depends on the QIZ protocol, which signed between the Egyptian and American sides since numerous years. The protocol allows the Egyptian garments to enter the US market without customs fees.