Amr Moussa: Article 28 of the Former Regime

The presidential candidate Dr. Amr Moussa said that the law to prevent candidate from running which is being discussed by the PA doesn’t worry him. The law doesn’t refer to all the patriots who served the nation.

On his “Facebook” account, Moussa said that Article 28 of the constitutional declaration is of the former regime that monopolies the resolution and power; assuring that it opens the door for disputes before the presidential elections.

“We need to get rid of corruption and mismanagement which prevail our society”, Moussa said, “the last five years of the former regime ruined a lot of matters”.

During the exceptional parliamentary session, Al Ganzouri government refused the law, meanwhile, most of members of parliaments called for implementing the bill which proposed by Essam Sultan, the Al-wasat Party’s Parliamentary Bloc chairman.

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