Russia Lada Granta production may begin in Egypt

Russia’s largest carmaker Avtovaz is currently in talks with its Egyptian partner Al-Amal Corp to manufacture and assemble Lada’s latest model in Egypt, state-run news agency MENA and Russian RIA Novosti reported on Friday.

According to MENA and Novosti, Al-Amal is expected to be the sole manufacturer and assembler of Lada Granta in the Middle East and Africa once it starts production in the fourth quarter of 2014.

Al-Amal, which was known previously as Lada-Egypt, produces Lada automobiles VAZ-2107 and VAZ-2110, selling 37,000 cars since 2002.

In Russia Lada Granta remains the best-selling domestic car, a position it has held for 14 consecutive months.

According to the Automotive Marketing Information Council (AMIC), Egypt passenger car sales reached 108,521 cars in the 10 months ending October 2013 compared to 114,000 cars in the same period a year earlier.