Exclusive: Egypt’s List In Davos Forum

Sherief El Diwany -Former Head of the Middle East at the World Economic Forum in Davos- revealed the List of economists and investors, who are recommended to represent Egypt in the Forum, during Jordan round in 2013, as the candidates are selected according to the standard relative weight and morale influence on the national economy.

El Diwany stated in an exclusive statement to “Amwal Al Ghad” that the list of candidates to represent Egypt in the Forum includes Khairat El Shater and Hassan Malek; the leading economists in “freedom and Justice” political party, as well as Niazi Sallam a board member of Paradise Capital,  Safwan Thabet the chairman of Juhayna Food Industries, and Ibrahim al-Araby from Toshiba El araby.

He added that among the list of candidates, there is also Ahmed Fekry Abdelwahab; Chairman of Exports Council for Engineering Industries, Abdel Monem Alsaudi; chairman of AlSaudi group for Engineering Industries, and Hussam Abu Fotouh founder of the Chinese company Cherry.