Arab Contractors implements 6 Projects in Chad worth $344mn

Egyptian-based Arab Contractors company (AC) is currently carrying out a large bunch of road projects worth US$344 million in Chad, Chairman Mohsen Salah said Monday.

Those projects are part of AC’s plan to boost its businesses in Chad in accordance with the country’s development schemes for the rehabilitation of infrastructure projects within the current period there.

The chairman asserted that Arab Contractors is implementing six large road projects in Chad with total length near to 291Km (180.8 miles) besides some additional works in other roads.

Salah added that the company is executing the new premises of the Chadian foreign ministry, with cost of €68 million, which will be one of the remarkable premises in the capital N’Djamena. The company is also in charge of the Chadian central bank’s new premises.

Moreover, Salah stated that the completion of the foreign ministry and the central bank’s premises were assigned directly to Arab Contractors in cooperation with the Egyptian government.