Arab Contractors to Deliver $180mn Desalination Plant in Iraq Next Year

Egyptian leading construction firm, Arab Contractors plans to hand over next year a water desalination plant in Basrah, Iraq, with a total capacity of 199.000 m3 per day.  The project is with a total investment cost of US$180 million.

AC Chairman Mohsen Salah told Amwal Al Ghad that the project is a consortium between the AC and Japan’s Hitachi.

Most of AC’s projects in Iraq locate away from the current heavy fighting dominating areas, Salah noted.

The Egyptian official also stated that Arab Contractors is also implementing another project in Iraq, through a coalition with Sweden’s Bauer, the Diwaniyah power station worth US$169 million, with a capacity of 500 MW. The power station project is set to be delivered within a year.

The size of the company’s business in Iraq is over $300 million.

Arab Contractors exists in 9 Arab states, notably Tunisia, Algeria, Iraq, UAE, Kuwait, and Jordan in addition to 16 African markets, mainly Congo, Ethiopia, Chad, and Nigeria.