Banks Close Branches In Tahrir, Others Open Side Doors In Qasr Al-Aini

As banks closed its branches and just replenished ATMs in Suez Canal governorates because of the violent clashes in this region, some banks closed its branches in Tahrir Square, Qasr El-Aini Street and surroundings of the Ministry of Interior, Shura Council and People’s Assembly, but they opened its branches in Talaat Harb Square and its surroundings.

Anonymous people and central security forces clash together at the entrance of Qasr Al-Nile Bridge, blocking the road to Tahrir.

The Commercial International Bank (CIB) and National Bank for Development (NBD) closed their branches in Simon Bolivar Square which witnesses several sabotage actions.

Suez Canal Bank closed its headquarters in Abdel Qader Hamza Street, off Simon Bolivar Square, while Egyptian Gulf Bank’s branch opened its side door.

In addition, the branches of Banque Misr and United Bank also closed their main doors in front of the Shura Council in Qasr Al-Aini Street and opened only their side doors far from areas of clashes.

Barclays Bank shut down its branch in Qasr Al-Aini Street. Central security forces are centered in the neighboring streets of public institutions and consulates.

Evergreen Towers in Talaat Harb Street includes many bank’s administrations and branches such as Union National Bank, Industrial Development and Workers Bank of Egypt and National Société Générale Bank (NSGB) and Principal Bank for Development and Agricultural Credit.

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