BeAl3araby: A Step to Restore The Arabic Legacy

Language is considered the true mirror of the state of any nation, as it flourishes along with the cultural and civil progress of people, but when communities deteriorate culturally and socially, the reliance on language becomes less important and even totally vanishes.

Arabic language ​​is one of the richest languages in terms of vocabulary, as one single word can give many meanings, and in terms of content, Arabic language have been able to be the brigade of civilization around the world from China and to Andalusia, as people of these countries have given a prosperous civilization to the world, which lighted the road at the same time when Europe was living the Dark Ages.

We need to rely on our language, but this does not mean that we will stop learning other languages, because we need to communicate with the developed countries to build on what they have achieved and complete the march of civilization.

So can we restore our confidence in the Arabic language?

“BeAl3araby initiative” is an initiative that aims at enriching the Arabic content, and stimulating communities to use the Arabic language to communicate and construct cultures, in order to restore the confidence in Arabic language as a reliable language that can construct an advanced civilization in our Arab countries.

We need the efforts of every member of the community to participate in the construction and development, as well as the need of availability of opportunities for every single individual to play a role in this process, so we must remove the case of non-confidence of the Arabic language if we really want to build a bright society and an integrated civilization.

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