BREAKING: Sisi is Sworn in as President of Egypt

Ex-chief army Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is formally sworn in on Sunday, signaling the end of Egypt’s roadmap made after the ouster of Islamist-led president Mohamed Morsi in July 4, 2013.

Security forces have been deployed at key locations around the capital Cairo in preparation for the ceremony at the Supreme Constitutional Court.

Mr Sisi, 59, attained a landslide victory securing 96.9% of the vote and his sole challenger, leftist Hamdeen Sabahi, received only 3.1%, according to the official results.

In a televised speech after the poll, Sisi said he wanted “freedom” and “social justice”, echoing the slogan of the 2011 revolution.

He said it was now “time to work”, adding: “Our co-operation in work and construction will lead to prosperity and luxury.”

He also faces a wide array of other challenges, notably fixing the economy, preventing further political crises and easing poverty.

He has pledged to build 26 new tourist resorts, eight new airports and 22 industrial estates.

Sisi has also promised to restore security in a country where attacks by Islamist militants have left hundreds of security personnel dead over the past 11 months.