British Deputy Ambassador launches Student Parliament at Cairo University

On Monday 20th April, British Deputy Ambassador Stephen Hickey attended the opening ceremony of the Model British House of Commons at Cairo University and encouraged young Egyptians to help build a strong, democratic future for their country.

British Deputy Ambassador at the opening ceremony of Model British House of Commons: “This is training for democracy in action and empowered young leaders will build Egypt’s future.”

In a speech to the young Cairo University students who will take part in the Model Parliament’s activities, Hickey said:

“Across Egypt, there are active and dynamic young people who are passionate about seeing positive change in their country. The students from Cairo University I have met today are no different: I am confident that many here today will be Egypt’s next generation of leaders in business, politics, art and culture.

“I am proud to be here today to launch this year’s Model British House of Commons because it brings the great tradition of British democracy together with the energy and passion of these young Egyptian students. It truly is training for democracy in action.

“I believe strongly Egypt will succeed if young Egyptians like these are encouraged and empowered to build effective institutions and a strong democratic future for their country.”