Brotherhood Figure Calls On Egyptian Students To Unite Against ‘Coup’

A leading figure within the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party has called on students to put aside their differences and unite against a “fascist, bloody, military coup.”

Essam El-Erian appeared in a pre-recorded video shown on Al-Jazeera TV channel, directing a message to school and university students, as well as teachers.

He said that “the hope for humanity” lies with the Egyptian youth who are the “base” of the revolution.

Most senior Brotherhood figures have been arrested in a recent crackdown by security forces following ongoing protests against the government which replaced Brotherhood president Mohamed Morsi in July.

El-Erian remains at large, although there is a warrant out for his arrest on charges of inciting violence.

El-Erian described the pro-Morsi protests which continue to take place in Egypt as “defiance” against the “monstrous police.”

He also criticised what he described as the oppressive mechanisms of the current Egyptian regime, mentioning the potential granting of arrest powers to university security guards.

Reports that officials had given private campus security guards power to arrest students were denied on Sunday by the cabinet.

Since a bloody crackdown on two major sit-ins by pro-Morsi protesters in August and the subsequent arrests of many leaders, the Muslim Brotherhood’s protests have been low in numbers.

Some pro-Morsi groups had counted on the beginning of the academic year, postponed in some universities under an imposed emergency law, for a revival in protests.

Cairo University saw a demonstration of several hundred pro-Morsi students on Sunday, the first day of term.

Source : Ahram