‘Builders of Egypt’ to tackle means of funding projects in Africa

The 5th edition of  Builders of Egypt forum themed “Building Exports as a New Future for Investment” will look at means of funding developmental projects in the African continent.
Under the patronage of the President Abdelfatah El Sisi, this year edition will bring together 14 presidents of African construction unions and 500 executives of major companies and financing institutions to develop a comprehensive vision for executing major development projects in Africa.
It will also discuss ways to speed up infrastructure projects carried out by the public and private sectors, including the building of railways, seaports, and other projects that help boost sustainable development in Africa.
The participants will offer Egypt’s vision on mega projects in Africa as well as necessary coordination between funding bodies, the private sector, and the governments.
The gathering, held under the sponsorship of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, will look at opportunities for Egyptian construction firms to support the reconstruction of war-torn Iraq and Libya.
The ‘Builders of Egypt’ Forum is one of the largest and most important events in the construction industry in Egypt.

The forum is organized by the Egyptian Federation for Construction and Building Contractors having 30,000 member companies, and the Egyptian Export Council for Real Estate as well as and Excellent communications D&N

For the first time, 14 chairpersons of African and Arab construction federations will participate in the forum.

The forum will display available opportunities for Egyptian construction companies in Africa and the Arab World as well as the success stories of some Egyptian contractors in those markets.

The forum will also discuss the possible support by banks to get such opportunities. Equally, the forum will address the challenges faced by Egyptian contractors and that impede them from acquiring a remarkable share of rebuilding opportunities in Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.

There are 100 industries that depend on the construction sector where 15 percent of Egyptian labor works, and which contributes to GDP growth by 12 percent. The government will display its plan to accomplish national projects in partnership with the private sector within the 2030 vision.

It has been held annually since 2014 with extensive state support, with a view of improving the investment environment in the field of construction and comprehensive development.