CBE: Egypt Is Committed To Pay All International Debts

Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE), Hisham Ramez asserted that the value of deposits in Egypt’s Support Fund 306306 reached nearly EGP 470 million in value of the donations of individuals and corporations, along with EGP 300 million in value of the Armed Forces donations.

Ramez proposed for the Fund’s appointed Board of Trustees to assign the optimum domains for investing these funds, and to focus on random areas, the most needy villages and the sanitary drainage ventures, in a way to encourage citizens and institutions to supply the Fund with more donations.

Ramez asserted that Egypt is committed to paying all its international debts, including the Qatari loan, of which USD 500 million will be paid in November while the remaining USD 500 million will be disbursed in December.

Source: SIS