CI Capital Egypt Investment Conference 2014 in London, New York This Month

The second annual CI Capital Egypt Investment Conference is to be held at London and New York consecutively with an expected rise in investor AUM to record levels driven by momentum from an impressive 2013 turnout coupled with heightened interest in Egyptian investment opportunities

CI Capital, the premier Egyptian investment bank, will be welcoming senior management from top publicly-traded Egyptian companies at the CI Capital Egypt Conference 2014, the largest-ever Egypt-focused investment conference to take place at two global financial centers back-to-back.

The conference began in London on 13-14 January and will continue on to New York from 16-17 January.

Last year’s event witnessed the participation of institutional investors from the United Kingdom with an aggregate USD 8.2 trillion in assets under management (AUM) and New York-based investors managing AUM in excess of USD 500 billion. This year, CI Capital is expecting a substantially higher turnout.

“Egypt’s fundamentals remain sound, and the economy is beginning to show real signs of recovery,” said Mahmoud Attalla, Chief Executive Officer of CI Capital. “Our expectation is that if all unfolds according to the political roadmap in the first half of 2014, we will see a resurgence in both investor and consumer sentiment in the second half.”

Egyptian blue chips in attendance represent all major sectors, including banks & financial institutions, industrials, construction & building materials, real estate, consumer goods and telecoms.

“The timeliness of our 2014 event is key, especially considering its coinciding with the deepening of Egypt-GCC relations, the potential for repatriation issues to be resolved, growing political consensus and progress in turn on Egypt’s political timeline,” noted Karim Khadr, Head of Research and Telecoms Analyst. “Accordingly, we aim to use this conference to assist our clients with their investment decisions over the course of the coming year.”

CI Capital Brokerage, the division organizing the CI Capital Egypt Conference, is the second-highest ranking securities broker in Egypt by market share of executions.