Cleopatra Group delivers Cleopatra Square mid 2013 with an investment of 1.2 bn

Cleopatra Group plans to deliver the project “Cleopatra Square” located by El Mehwar, by mid 2012, with an investment of LE1.2 billion and on an area of 47 acres.

The head of the real estate department at Cleopatra Group Yasser El Naggar stated that the project intends to establish a full housing community that includes a higher-class of the residents, pointing that the project contains 163 villas that range in the area from 250 to 600 meter square where the price of the meter starts from 3 thousand pounds.

He cleared that methods of payments are based on paying 10% of the total value of the unit as a down payment, and paying the rest on two years, pointing out that his company does not market the project unless it completes 80% of the project.

He praised the government’s efforts to stimulate the real estate market during the last period. Maha Essam and Sara Ali

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