Coca-Cola, McDonald’s left Russia

The Western companies with iconic brands such as Coca-Cola and McDonald’s have exit Russia this spring after Moscow sent thousands of troops into Ukraine, in response to investor and public pressure.

Both companies have faced many years of battling knockoffs and unauthorized imports clamouring to fill the void they leave behind. They ended their exit in August after five months.

Other companies have sold their business such as McDonald’s, while some firms as Procter and Gamble have remained partially selling essentials.

These firms defending their trademarks to protect their brands from losing value, intellectual property lawyers said.

In usual times, Russia’s government reject applications for trademarks that are identical or very similar to existing brands, intellectual property experts said.

McDonald’s has said in May that it will permanently liquidate its business in Russia more than 30 years after entering the country.

This step comes after the company temporarily closed all its 850 outlets last March.

The first McDonald’s restaurant opened in Moscow in 1990.

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