Copts Figures call for Neutral Constituent Assembly

Copts figures called for forming a neutral constituent assembly to draft the country’s new constitution.

Dr. Georgette Kellini, member of General Congregation Council, said that annulling the constituent assembly is historic; as she called for forming a neutral constituent committee that include all political powers and jurisprudents  as well representatives from Al-Azhar, churches, youth, women and professional syndicates.

Dr Safwat Al-beyady, head of Evangelical Church, lauded the refusal of all powers to participate in the committee in addition to Al-Azhar and the three churches as this done without any precedent agreement.

He said that the People’s assembly is a legislation council so how it will draft a constitution. The constitution is the basic of laws so it is not applicable for the people’s assembly to draft the constitution.

The priest explained that the matter in not with the number whereas a participation of a MP in this committee permit with challenging it.


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