Criminal Court adjourns Lawsuit against “American Ambassador” till May 27

South Cairo court adjourned a lawsuit no. 2729/2011 against the American ambassador to Cairo which filed by 3 people till May 27 session. The lawsuit demands an EGP million compensation because of the damage happened to them by the US embassy car.

During the session the defense called on the court to postpone the session till completing the documents.

The case filed because when both of “Mostafa T, 26”- a trader- and “Ahmed M, 30”- business- where driving a car no. 681 Cairo in Kornish Al Nile St. then hit by a diplomatic car no.73/ 148 subordinate to the American embassy.  This resulted in wounding both of them and the car was damaged which belongs to their friend “Abdel Rahman, A”- a driver.

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