Danone Nations, DECATHLON launch series of initiatives, creating change

Through its Kipsta brand, Decathlon will become the official technical sponsor of the Danone Nations Cup world finals, providing outfits for all participating teams.

The Danone Nations Cup is launching the #LacesForChange campaign with dedicated laces to be sold on Decathlon’s French and Spanish e-commerce channels to provide children in schools in India with safe drinking water.

At the World Final, a series of innovative activations will encourage the players and spectators to participate in sports and to learn about the importance of sustainability and caring for our planet.

The Danone Nations Cup is proud to partner with Decathlon through a series of joint initiatives to encourage children to excellence in sports and to provide access for girls and boys to play football. Kicked off in Spain during the 2019 national tournament, the partnership will go a step further at the Danone Nations Cup World Final in Barcelona, seeing over 700 young girls and boys provided with Kipsta outfits ahead of their matches to represent their countries.

Consumers in France and Spain will also be able to participate and provide positive societal change through the Laces for Change initiative that is spearheaded by the Danone Nations Cup and distributed through Decathlon France and Spain. Encouraging and enabling future generations to partake in sports is a fundamental objective that is at the heart of both the Danone Nations Cup and Decathlon.


During this year’s world final in Barcelona, a series of activities will take place with the aim to educate on the importance of practicing sports, sustainability and caring for our environment. These will be led by Decathlon in the Fan Zone at the RCD Espanyol Stadium on the 12th October 2019 where spectators will be reminded of the importance of recycling and the benefits of exercise.

Access to safe drinking water for children plays a key role in shaping their future. Nevertheless, one in three schools across the world don’t currently have access to safe drinking water[1]. The Danone Nations Cup and Decathlon believe in the importance of safe water access and ensuring that no child limits their future potential and #LacesForChange is our joint catalyst.

#LacesForChange will be on sale through Decathlon’s website from xx in Spain and France. Made from recycled plastic bottles, each purchase of a pair of laces will provide for one child to have safe water access throughout a year in schools across India. This initiative is facilitated by the Watering Minds Foundation whose mission is to provide safe water access in schools in water-stressed areas.

Fun, interactive activations hosted by Decathlon such as designing future Danone Nations Cup footballs, seeing how football jerseys can be made out of packaging waste and football boot customization stands will be available for players and spectators at the World Final to let their creative flair shine.

“We’re proud to partner with the Danone Nations Cup, united through our passion towards making sports more easily accessible to all. At Decathlon, we strongly believe in the power of sport as a catalyst for inclusion, teamwork and building bridges across cultures and communities. More than the official supplier of the competition, we want to be a real partner of this unique event by sharing its values of fair play, team spirit and respect, helping to discover tomorrow’s greatest football players.” Emmanuel CASTIGLIONI – Football Communication Leader of Kipsta.

The Danone Nations Cup has taken place across 27 countries engaging a multitude of girls and boys aged 10-12. This year’s special double edition will culminate in 56 teams battling it out at the World Final in Barcelona to be held on the 12th October at RCD Espanyol Stadium. Together, the Danone Nations Cup and its partners will act throughout the year through playing football, changing the game and providing positive societal change through action.