Death of Egyptian not classified as ‘murder’: German Embassy

The German embassy in Cairo stated that the death of an imprisoned Egyptian citizen in Germany is not classified as “murder”, according to an official press release issued on Wednesday evening.

The incident dates back to 22 June, when Mohamed Abdel Fattah was first reported dead by his father during an interview on a privately-owned TV channel. He claimed that his son was tortured and killed and that the Egyptian authorities were not informed about the incident.

“In response to circulating media reports regarding the death of an Egyptian citizen in Germany, the German embassy in Cairo assures the continuation of investigations into the incident. The incident is not classified as murder,” the statement read.

The Egyptian citizen died in a hospital in Essen, Germany on 21 June.

The statement asserted that the German foreign ministry and investigative authorities in the aforementioned city are in direct contact with the Egyptian embassy in Berlin to follow up on the incident.

The family of the deceased said that Abdel Fattah was severely tortured by German police officers.

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the family Tuesday to examine Abdel Fattah’s paperwork and latest correspondence with his family.

The Egyptian embassy in Berlin also earlier filed an official memorandum to the German foreign ministry to request information about the incident including the circumstances of Abdel Fattah’s alleged imprisonment and cause of death. Inquiries have been raised as to why the embassy was not notified immediately.

The Egyptian ambassador to Germany has further contacted the German ministries of foreign affairs and interior and the public prosecutor. German officials have promised immediate investigations into the incident and full coordination with the Egyptian embassy in Berlin.

source: Daily News Egypt

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