Delta Life Plans Mid Insurance Policy Product Launch

Ayman El-Alfy, General Manager of Delta Life Insurance, said that his company is planning to launch a new “Mid Product”, to be in between the short term and the mixed insurance policies.

Mr. El-Alfy explained, in exclusive statements to Amwal Al Ghad, that the new product enjoyes the privileges of the mixed insurance policy in terms of investment, besides the advantages of the short-term insurance in means of the low volume of premiums.

He added that his company will be also offering a new insurance policy that would cope with the current political and economical unrests, seeking to attract a new segment of customers in order to contribute to having higher volume of Delta’s businesses.

Moreover, Mr. El-Alfy pointed out that it is expected to launch the long-term medical insurance policy, following the planned demerger process of Delta Non Life Insurance from the Life Insurance activities.

He explained that the company had succeeded in offering new insurance policies, such as orphan and pension insurance policies, which flexibly commensurate with all segments of customers.

It is worth mentioning that Delta Life Insurance achieved growth rates of 22% in premiums’ volume amounted to f EGP 106 million last March.