DHL Report sees IoT Increase to 50 bln Connected Devices by 2020

DHL Trend Research issued a trend report, in cooperation with Cisco Consulting Services, expecting Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices’ increase to 50 billion by 2020.

With 15 billion connected devices recently, the report expects this number to increase by 2020 to 50 billion connected devices, DHL announced that through “Internet of Things in Logistics” trend report.

DHL further explains the IoT as: With the advent of IoT, Internet connections now extend to physical objects that are not computers in the classic sense. A connect pallet for example, can tell its owner the whereabouts and condition of their shipment. A connected truck can intelligently predict its own maintenance needs. A connected street light can sense the presence of cars and send environmental intelligence to drivers. These are just some of many intriguing possibilities for IoT in logistics captured in this latest edition in the DHL Trend Research series.

This trend report aims to deepen readers’ understanding of IoT, covering three main issues:

  • What is the Internet of Things, and why is it a big deal?
  • What are some of the leading practices and applications of IoT that are generating value across sectors?
  • What are some of the key use cases for IoT in the logistics industry specifically, and what will be their implications?

DHL hopes that the report serves as a thought-provoking and inspirational start in understanding the implications of IoT in logistics. As we move from 15 billion connected devices today to some 50 billion by 2020, it is clear that we are only at the beginning of what certainly be an exciting journey for logistics innovation, a journey to connect the unconnected.

According to Cisco’s analysis indicates, the trade process will raise to US$ 8 trillion around the world .

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