‘Djamila Bouhired’ movie star Magda al-Sabahi dies at 89

Magda al-Sabahi, best remembered for her signature role depicting Algerian legendary guerrilla fighter Djamila Bouhired, die on Thursday. She was 89.

Magda is the pseudonym of Afaf Ali Kamel al-Sabahi. She was born in Tanta, Gharbia Governorate on May 6, 1931. After first appearing on an Egyptian firm screen in 1951, al-Sabahi has played a leading role in roughly sixty films. She is considered one of the best-known actresses in Egypt. She is notable for her rôles from 1949 to 1969. In 1956, al-Sabahi founded her own production company. She often assumed the lead in films produced by her company.

In 1958, she played the lead role in the film by Youssef Chahine, the Algerian revolutionary figure, Djamila Bouhired based on Bouhired’s biography.

Magda al-Sabahi
Magda al-Sabahi playing as Algerian legendary fighter Djamila Bouhired in 1958.

In 1995, Magda was elected president of the Egyptian Women in Film Association.

Her notable roles include El Naseh (1949), Hegret El Rasoul, Ayna Omry (1957), Djamila l’Algérienne (1958), and EL Omr Lahza (1978).