Dresser-Rand provides three SGT-400 gas turbines for Egypt’s Zohr gas field

The Dresser-Rand business, as part of Siemens Power and Gas, announced Monday that it would supply Egyptian Belayim Petroleum Company (Petrobel) with turbine-generator sets for Egypt’s Zohr gas field.

Dresser-Rand is set to provide three model SGT-400 industrial gas turbines, including associated electrical generators, to be delivered by the beginning of 2017.

The deal encompasses a service package that includes spare parts supply and on-site maintenance.

Petrobel is developing Zohr gas field which is located about 200 kilometers off Egypt’s Mediterranean coastline.

Petrobel  is a joint venture formed by Italian oil and gas company, Eni, and Egypt’s General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC).

CEO of Dresser-Rand business, Christopher Rossi said “Our turbine-generator sets will enable Petrobel to generate approximately 20 percent more power than the comparable equipment offered by our competitors.”

The SGT-400 turbines, manufactured at the Siemens operation located in Lincoln, England, will be integral to the supply of electric power to the natural gas processing facility currently under construction. The turbines are rated at an ISO-based electrical generating capacity of 12.9 megawatts (MW).

The SGT-400 model is considered the most efficient gas turbine in this performance class.

This high efficiency lowers fuel consumption and thus operating costs, and enables the operator to sell more gas to its customers. Furthermore, the additional quantity of electricity generated provides greater flexibility should plans call for an increase in the gas processing facility’s production capacity.