Dues of Egyptian electricity ministry to petroleum sector exceed $5.6bn

The dues of Egyptian electricity ministry to petroleum sector is currently exceeding 50 billion Egyptian pounds (US$5.6 billion) for supplying power plants with fuel and natural gas daily.

An official at petroleum ministry told Amwal Al Ghad Sunday that those accumulated dues resulted from the increase in fuel amounts, notably natural gas, that power satiations in different governorates get.

The official expected the debts to rise within the upcoming months due to the demand of electricity ministry to boost the supplied amounts as pursuant to the new stations that have been recently launched.

Petroleum sector has no intention to lower those amounts and will continue providing all state’s sectors with their needs of fuel despite the accumulated debts, the official added.

He pointed out that the responsibility of petroleum sector focuses on providing state with its whole needs of petroleum products whether diesel, heating oil, or asphalt.

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