EBC in Talk with 2 Egyptian Banks to Launch Money Transfer Service

Egyptian Banks Company for Technological Advanced (EBC) negotiates with two banks operating in the banking sector to provide money transfer via mobile phone service during the current period.

Mr. Mohamed Kamel Bayoumi, Managing Director of EBC has informed Amwal Al Ghad that it is schedule to launch the service with two banks within the current year, rejecting to disclose it at present.

In the last year, Housing and Development Banks , BNP Paribas and the National Bank of Egypt (NBE) applied the service with the three mobile phone operators that operating in the Egyptian market, and the service witnesses highly demand from banks.

Amwal Al Ghad said previously in the time when Audi bank urged the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) regarding a license for applying the service and Banque Misr aims to launch the service in next June.