EFG Hermes unit tops 22.38% Egypt leasing market share in August

EFG Hermes Leasing, part of investment bank EFG Hermes Holding, has grabbed 22.38 percent of the Egyptian leasing market share for August, recent data from the country’s watchdog showed on Monday.

According to the Egyptian Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA), EFG Hermes Leasing’s August leasing contracts in Egypt have totalled 847 million Egyptian pounds ($53.8 million).

UE Finance, part of Arabia Investments Holding, ranked second, garnering 9.61 percent of the Egyptian leasing market share with contracts worth 363.9 million pounds, followed by Banque Misr’s BM Lease of 9.43 percent shares and contracts worth 357.1 million pounds, FRA added.

In the fourth position, GB Lease – part of Ghabbour Auto Company – had 7.61 percent share and 288.1 million pounds worth of contracts during August.

Egy Lease, part of the Industrial Development Bank (IDB), came fifth with a 6.63 percent share and contracts worth up to 251 million pounds in August, according to the FRA data.

Meanwhile, Global Lease ranked sixth with a market share of 6.56 percent and contracts up to 248.1 million pounds, followed by CORPLEASE with 6.30 percent share and 238 million pounds in contracts.

On the eighth position, Enmaa got a 6.10 percent market share and made contracts worth around 230.8 million pounds, followed by Al Tawfeek for Financial Lease (AT Lease) of 5.72 percent share and 216.5 million pounds of contracts.

At the bottom of FRA’s top ten list, QNB ALAHLI Leasing Company, part of QNB ALAHLI, and Cairo Leasing Corporation (CLC) had market shares of 3.29 percent and 3.21 percent, respectively.

Below a table demonstrating the market shares and contracts witnessed during August for leasing firms in Egypt according to FRA data:

Company August 2020
  Contract value in EGP Market share 
EFG Hermes Leasing 847.0 million 22.38%
UE Finance 363.9 million 9.61%
BM Lease 357.1 million 9.43%
GB Lease 288.1 million 7.61%
Egy Lease 251.0 million 6.63%
Global Lease 248.1 million 6.56%
CORPLEASE 238.6 million 6.30%
Enmaa Finance Company 230.8 million 6.10%
Al Tawfeek for Financial Lease 216.5 million 5.72%
QNB ALAHLI Leasing 124.6 million 3.29%
Cairo Leasing Corporation 121.4 million 3.21%
Others 498.2 million 13.16%
Total 3.785 billion 100.00%