EGX continues Booming, earns L.E5.4 billion in Mid Day-Trading

During Wednesday’s mid-day trading, EGX has kept its booming. Therefore, the market capital for the listed stocks has managed to earn L.E5.4 billion reaching L.E385.523 billion. EGX30 has witnessed a raise of 1.99% to reach 5328.95p, while EGX20 has also witnessed a rise of 2.47% to reach 6321.84p. In addition, EGX70 has had an increase of 1.52% to reach 517.16p; the EGX100 has boosted by 1.68% to reach 868.43p.

The market has recorded turnovers of L.E319.558 million through a volume of trading amounted to 80.903 million shares for the 18.491 thousand transactions.

156 listed securities have been traded in, 119 of them rose, and 25 diminished, while 12 remained flat.

The main reason for the mid day trading’s booming is that Egyptian and Arab investors were responsible for the purchasing activity amounted to L.E5.752 million and L.E4.137 million respectively. On the other hand, foreign investors have made up selling activities of 28.89% of the total market marking L.E9.889 million as the difference amount between their sales and purchases activities.

The mid-day trading’s rise was led by Orascom Telecom Media & Technology Holding (OTMT) by recording an increase of 6.12% to reach L.E1.56. Orascom Telecom Holding (OTH) (ORTE) has witnessed a rise of 5.63% to close at L.E4.13. Orascom Construction Industries (OCIC) had witnessed a raise of 1.87% to reach L.E274.96.  EFG-Hermes Holding (HRHO) has had an increase of 1.72% to close at L.E14.75.

Ahmed Fayez

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