Egypt banking sector assets rise to EGP5.47tn% in July –

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The value of assets held by Egypt’s banking sector rose by  42.2 billion Egyptian pounds in January 2019 recording 5.47 trillion pounds ($316.34 billion) compared to 5.43 trillion pounds in December 2018, according to Central Bank of Egypt.

The Egyptian banking sector ranked fourth in the Arab world, in terms of asset size, and ranked first among banks in the non-oil Arab countries.

On the other hand, bank’s capital recorded 150.2 billion pounds in January, compared to 150 billion pounds in December a year earlier, declining by 401 million pounds, the CBE data showed.

The client’s deposits in the banking sector increased by 18.4 billion pounds registering 3.82 trillion Egyptian pounds in January compared to 3.80 trillion pounds a year earlier.