Egypt buys 4 business jets Falcon 7X from France, Presidency denies link

The Egyptian Government signed a Contract with French Dassault Aviation to buy 4 business jets Falcon 7X for 300 million Euros nearly 3 billion Egyptian pounds according to According to French Le Tribune.

It is worth to mention according to Le Tribune’s archives that actually the Egyptian government began talks with Dassault Aviation about the 4 expensive business jets in July.

On the other hand, Sources in the Egyptian Presidency denied to reporters that it acquired new 4 air jets from France hours following the spread of a French news report claiming that Egypt bought 4 air jets for 300 million Euros on Tuesday.

The Egyptian government or rather the Egyptian ministry of defense already 24 Rafale combat jets from Dassault in a famous 3.2 billion Euros deals.

However, the French Le Tribune did not reveal the name of the Egyptian governmental agency or institution as there was no more information to share already.