Egypt crowned Arab Champion in Paddle Tennis

Egypt has been crowned  the Arab Champion in the Paddle tennis tournament, which was held for the first time in Dubai, UAE. Defeating Kuwait in two straight matches, they won the gold medal and the first ever cup of the newly instated tournament.

The tournament took place in the United Arab Emirates between 27 September and 1 October 2023. Ten Arab national teams participated in the tournament alongside the host country; Syria, Sudan,Oman, Morocco, Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq, Bahrain, Egypt and Qatar which won the bronze medal.

Kuwait beated Egypt in the 1st group stage, but when Egypt qualified it defeated Qatar to win in the final against Kuwait.

Egypt had already been a projected favourite to win this tournament, as the national team was the highest ranked Arab team, and having already competed in the Paddle World Championship.

Paddle is a racket sport sharing commonalities with both tennis and squash and is always played in pairs. Over the past few years, it has been gaining rapid popularity in the region, particularly in Egypt and the Gulf nations, both as a competitive sport and a recreational activity.


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