Egypt establishes transformer station in Mansoura with capacity of 500 MVA

Egypt’s Minister of Housing Assem El-Gazzar said that a new transformer station in Mansoura is being implemented with a total capacity of 500 megavolt ampere (MVA).

That the first stage of the station comes with a capacity of (300 MFA), which is located in the southern region of the city on an area of ​​about 14 feddans, to feed the various areas of the city at a cost of about 440 million Egyptian pounds

This step comes withing the context of keenness to implement the comprehensive state plan to complete the projects currently being implemented in the new city of Mansoura, according to the minister.

Head of the New Damietta City Development Authority and supervisor of the new city of Mansoura Mohamed Ragab, said that the station consists of a control building, Gis 220 building, transformers, gantry and gear additional to the outer wall