Egypt exports 5,170 consignments during Jan 6-12

Egypt’s General Administration of Exports and Imports, affiliated to the National Food Safety Authority, recorded 5,170 exported food consignments during the period from Jan 6 to Jan 12 this year, according to a statement published on the Egyptian Cabinet’s Facebook Page on Sunday.

These consignments, weighing around 185,000 tonnes, executed by 1,660 exporting companies, included 480 types of fresh fruits, vegetables, and various food products.
The report also revealed that the most exported vegetables was potatoes at 10,000 tonnes. Beans came next at 8,000 tonnes, followed by tomatoes at 7,000 tonnes. Meanwhile, fruits, citrus led with 60,000 metric tonnes, followed by strawberries at 7,000 tonnes and dates at 5,000 tonnes.
Saudi Arabia, Libya, the United States, and Russia were the top recipients of Egyptian exports during the report’s period.
The report also mentioned that 1,230 consignments were exported via Cairo International Airport, followed by Safaga harbour with 1,050 consignments, and Alexandria harbour was next with 600 consignments.
Furthermore, Egypt received 1,240 food consignments totalling about 520 thousand tonnes via 665 import companies. These consignments included 124 varieties of wheat, soybeans, and various oils from 83 countries. Russia was the top exporter to Egypt during the reported period, followed by the United States, Bulgaria, Brazil, and Ukraine.
In terms of receiving ports, Alexandria harbour led with 383 consignments, Cairo Airport came came second with 215 consignments, and Damietta harbour came third with 188 consignments.

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