Egypt Gold Shops Close Doors in Fear of Protests

Most gold shops all over the Egyptian governorates are reportedly closing on Sunday, in fear of the upcoming anti-regime protests which are set for showdown on June 30.

Gold shops in Egypt mostly are closing their doors today in anticipation of the scheduled mass demonstration that seek to topple country’s president Mohamed Morsi.

Protesters are unhappy with the policies of the Islamist president and his Muslim Brotherhood allies.

Opposition activists say more than 22 million people have signed a petition seeking a snap election. They have urged the signatories to come out on Tahrir Square.

The grassroots movement Tamarod (Rebel) is behind the petition, which has united liberal and secular opposition groups, including the National Salvation Front.

However, many ordinary Egyptians – angered by Mr Morsi’s political and economic policies – are also taking part in the rally.

Flags and tents form a base camp on the square from where protesters plan to march the presidential palace.