Egypt Portrays 23 Regional Project in Doha Summit

Dr. Mohamed Salem, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, said that Egypt has introduced 23 national initiatives and projects during Connect Arab World Summit held in Doha during March 5 -7.

“Egypt is the biggest Arab country participated in the summit for introducing one third the size of projects out of the total numbers of initiatives.” he added.

Connect Arab World Summit is being organized by International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

Dr. Salem said that he and Dr. Hamadoun I. Touré, the ITU Secretary-General, had participated in the seminar organized by Egypt yesterday on the initiative for the children’s security while surfing the internet aiming at making it regional for children protection.

The seminar had tackled the importance of solidarity so to set up a plan for cyberspace safety and of strengthening the international cooperation regarding that field.

Moreover, Egypt has launched, during the summit, a number of initiatives for supporting the regional cooperation among countries and for activating the joint Arab action in the fields of communications and information technology during the coming period. For instance, Egypt has launched: Initiative for Arab Countries’ Digital Content, Children’s Security while surfing the Internet, the Arab World’s Memory Project, Electronic Indexes News Portal Project, MasterWorks Project and Participation Project.