Egypt launches new mobile app to follow up national projects

Egypt’s Planning Ministry launched a new mobile application  – Sharek 2030 – on 1 December to enable the citizens to follow up on Egypt’s development projects and performance indicators.

“The application is intended to raise public awareness about development programmes. It is an effective means to enhance communication and community participation mechanisms,” the ministry said in a statement on Wednesday.

The ministry added that the application falls within the guidelines of transparency principles – as one of the country’s sustainable development goals – to enable the public to assess projects.

“The application is within the framework of achieving the principle of community participation and follow-up. It is a platform to present the government’s programmes to achieve sustainable development,” it noted.

The application includes finished development projects and others being implemented across governorates.

Sharek 2030  (which means Contribute 2030 in Arabic) allows the submission of proposals from all users to shed light on the local needs, which differ from one governorate to the other.

The app is available for download on Android mobile devices, and will be available on IOS in the near future.