Egypt Participates In Malaysian Workshop For Marketing Tech

Maged El-Sherbiny, President of the Governmental Acadamy of Scientific Research and Technology, has stated that more than 30 officials and scholars from universities, research centers and Egyptian Civil Society Organizations have participated in the workshop concerning transferring and marketing technology which hosted by Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur recently.

El-Sherbiny and the president of the Strategic Planning unit of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia, Norhalim Younis the CEO of Malaysian Technology and Development Corporation (MTDC), in addition, Tamer Mostafa, the Head of Commercial Office Embassy of Egypt in Kuala Lumpur, have attended the conclusion of Malaysian Egyptian workshop.

El-Sherbiny added that the workshop discussed how to perfectly utilize the scientific research in order to serve the society and  link it with the industry in the both of Egyptian and Malaysian sides, noting that the events of this workshop comes among the signed agreement between the Acadamy and  (MTDC) which targeting to organize workshop through three phases.

Moreover, El-Sherbiny has emphasized that the agreement allows to provide grants for Egyptian students for master’s and doctoral degrees in Malaysia in joint cooperation fields as the Malaysian side bears the costs of travelling and staying.

(MTDC) signed many agreements with seven Egyptian firms in the last April to cooperate in Phosphate and shipping industries.