Egypt ranks 58th globally in Tortoise Media’s AI technology rating

Egypt has been ranked 58th worldwide in artificial intelligence (AI), Tortoise Media said in a statement on Friday.

Tortoise Media announced the results of a project that measured and ranked countries according to their capabilities in artificial intelligence to identify the world’s current leaders.

The Tortoise Intelligence Index took into account more than 143 metrics as regards to a country’s investment and innovation in artificial intelligence technologies across several criteria, including infrastructure strength, operational environment, research, and development.

In the Arab world, Saudi Arabia came in first, and has been ranked 22nd globally.

The UAE has been ranked second in the Arab world and 36th globally, followed by Qatar in the third place and 42nd globally.

Other Arab countries that were in the Tortoise Media list included Bahrain which has been ranked 50th globally, Tunisia 53rd, and Morocco 57th.

Egypt also progressed 55 ranks on the Government AI Readiness Index in just a year, weighing in at number 56 out of 172 countries around the world throughout 2020.

In November, Egypt’s Communications and Information Technology Minister Amr Talaat said that AI is one of the government’s most key priorities at the present time.