Egypt Said to Receive Offers of French, Russian, Ukrainian Wheat

Following are the offers presented to Egypt’s General Authority for Supply Commodities in today’s wheat tender, according to two traders involved in the sale who asked not to be identified because they aren’t authorized to speak to the media. All quantities are in metric tons and prices are given on a free-on-board basis per ton. All offers are for 60,000 tons, unless otherwise indicated.

France Bunge at $259 Bunge at $260 Cargill at $258.50 InVivo at $259 Toepfer at $261.30 Soufflet at $259.74 Soufflet at $259.74 Noble at $257.80 for 55,000 tons

Russia Bunge at $258.50 Cargill at $260.50 Cargill at $258.50 Louis Dreyfus at $254.84 Toepfer at $258.85 Venus at $256.98 Venus at $255.50 Venus at $255.50 Venus at $256.98 Glencore at $259 Glencore at $258 Nidera at $258.59 Nidera at $258.59 Aston at $251.89 Aston at $251.89 Olam at $260.

Romania Toepfer at $259.85 Ameropa at $255.55 Ameropa at $254.54

Ukraine Louis Dreyfus at $252.84 for 55,000 tons Louis Dreyfus at $254.44 for 55,000 tons Venus at $246.50 Venus at $246.50.


Source: Bloomberg