Egypt says Goodbye to iconic actor Hasan Mustafa

One of Egypt’s most iconic stars passed away on Tuesday, reported Al Arabiya.

Veteran actor Hasan Mustafa died, aged 81, in Cairo, following a severe heart attack, which left him in hospital for two weeks until he died on Tuesday morning (May 19).

According to Al Watan News, Mustafa’s daughter “Naglaa” announced the news with a picture of her father on Facebook along with the caption, “I’ve lost one of the most precious people to me, I pray that you’ve in heaven my beloved.”

Mustafa’s funeral takes place on the same day as his passing at the Mustafa Mahmoud Mosque in Cairo, Al Watan Voice reported.

Born in 1933, Mustafa shot to fame after starring in a series of Egypt’s most classic and timeless plays, including “Madrasat al Moshaghibeen” (Naughty Students’ School) and “El Eyal Kebret” (The Kids Have Grown Up).