Egypt seeks to increase leather exports to $400 mln: official

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Egypt seeks to increase its leather products to reach $400 million in two years, from $110 million currently, advisor to trade minister Yasser El-Maghraby said on Monday.

The Ministry of Trade plans to embark a new plan to develop the country’s leather exports for the coming five years, El-Maghraby added on the sidelines of the Egyptian Leather Export Council’s conference in Cairo.

On the other hand, El Maghraby said around 95 percent of the production capacity in Magra El-Oyoun leather tanneries has been relocated to the new leather city of Al-Robeky.

The tanneries will be fully relocated within 5 months to the new city.

Al-Robeky aims at bringing all leather tanneries, currently in Magra El-Oyoun, in one place to become an integrated city for leather.