Shafiq Secured More Than 30,000 Recommendations

Hopeful presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq said that he secured more than 30 thousand recommendations required to allow him to run for president. At a press conference in Fayoum on Monday, Shafiq said that he was the target of a smear campaign which falsely portrayed him as paying for people’s support for him.

Shafiq stated that he will go through the presidential race till the end. He denounced the attempt of some to involve him in “Battle of the Camel” attack, claiming that “there is no such thing as ‘Battle of the Camel’ attack and it is all nonsense.”

This attack, which happened on the second and third of February 2011, claimed the lives of more than 10 protesters and left more than 767 injured while Shafiq was Prime Minister.

Shafiq added that the people did not demand his resignation, saying that those who did are “a few who do not represent the opinion of all Egyptians.”

Shafiq said that he was appointed as prime minister in hard times and yet the situation of the country was under control “as prices did not rise as they are now and thugs were no longer wandering the streets and terrorizing people.”